Video Saliency Model Evaluation
Typ Master, Forschungspraxis, Bachelor, Ing.prax.
Betreuer Mikhail Startsev
Tel.: +49 (0)89 289-28550
Sachgebiet Human and Computer Vision
Beschreibung One of the important questions in computer vision is how you determine what information in a scene is relevant. So-called “saliency models” [1] have been used to predict informativeness in images [2] and videos. A quality ground truth labelling of the eye movements is what provides for an accurate and versatile evaluation of saliency models. This labelling is however, especially for video sequences, hard to come by.

Our group has been working on obtaining such ground truth data. And while this effort is still ongoing, evaluation of the existing saliency models can already begin. The candidate would explore the already available approaches to visual saliency prediction, with or without the provided source code, potentially modifying them and evaluating their results against the provided ground truth. As a result of this project we would get some insights into how our visual and attention systems work and can be better expressed.

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Voraussetzung Experience with machine learning concepts and programming skills are desirable.
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