Speech Recognition Using Machine Learning
Typ Master, Forschungspraxis, IDP
Betreuer Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Ludwig Kürzinger
Tel.: +49 (0)89 289-28562
Tobias Watzel, M.Sc.
Tel.: +49 (0)89 289-28547
Sachgebiet Speech Recognition, Machine Learning
Beschreibung Speech Recognition enables a machine to understand human voice and convert it to text. State-ofthe-
art speech recognition systems are based on pattern recognition methods or end-to-end deep
learning, such as DeepSpeech [1].

Improving speech recognition, reducing its error rate and increasing its robustness against noise,
remains a challenge. It can be improved by using an appropriate learning algorithm and finding good
learning parameters.

The main tasks for this topic will be to get familiar with the a speech recognition framework, to adapt
the framework and training your own model. Intermediate steps may include choosing a different loss
function or data augmentation.
Please contact the thesis supervisor for further details.

[1] 2014, Deep Speech: Scaling up end-to-end speech recognition
Voraussetzung - Experience with Python and/or C++
- Experience in machine learning
- Independent work style
- Motivation to learn new concepts
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