Simulation and Evaluation of Augmented Reality User Interfaces for a Driving Simulator
Typ Master, evtl. Bachelor
Betreuer Patrick Lindemann, M.Sc.
Tel.: +49 (0)89 289-28538
Sachgebiet Automotive, Virtual Reality, Mixed/Augmented Reality
Beschreibung In the long run, the environment of car drivers in their cockpits might change fundamentally. The ongoing progress in autonomous driving technology and the increasing number of tasks a driver can do while driving make it necessary to adapt user interface to these new possibilities and requirements. Current progress with head-mounted displays (HMDs) and VR/AR consumer technology make it seem likely that much more powerful and versatile devices may be available in the future. This also brings new interaction opportunities to the automotive domain, e.g. by creating AR user interfaces covering a large portion or even the full range of the driver's field of view (FOV). Despite that, building such prototypes in reality is still difficult or even not yet feasible.

However, with suitable simulation environments it is comparatively quick and easy to build prototypes for such interfaces and evaluate them in a controlled setting. At MMK, we try to simulate such novel AR interfaces in our custom-made driving simulator (Unity engine) and then test and evaluate them with participants in user studies. In this area, there will generally be different topics available depending on the current occupation and progress of previous projects. Independent of the specific topic, you will definitely need to work with the Unity 3D engine and C# and with our existing driving simulator project. You will create or extend simulated AR interfaces (e.g. HUD or HMD simulations) in the virtual environment and ideally test those systems with users in a user study.

We recommend to try out and get used to the Unity engine before starting a topic (there are good, quick tutorials available on the web). We also recommend very good programming skills with an object-oriented language, ideally C#. For evaluating a possibly user study, basic knowledge of statistical testing is recommended. Because of the scope of these topics, they are mainly recommended for a Master's Thesis.
Voraussetzung - Very good programming skills, ideally in C# (or other OOP-languages: C++, Java, etc.)
- Helpful but not required beforehand: experience with the Unity 3D engine
- Helpful but not required beforehand: knowledge of statistical testing
Bewerbung If you are interested in this topic, we welcome the applications via the email address above. Please set the email subject to "<Type of application> application for topic 'XYZ'", ex. "Master’s thesis application for topic 'XYZ'", while clearly specifying why are you interested in the topic in the text of the message. Also make sure to attach your most recent CV (if you have one) and grade report.