On-line pupil-size correction for eye tracking
Typ Bachelor, Studienarbeit, IDP
Betreuer Dr.-Ing. Michael Dorr
Tel.: +49 (0)89 289-28563
Sachgebiet Human and Computer Vision
Beschreibung Video-oculographic eye trackers estimate gaze direction from the relative position of the pupil and one or more corneal reflexes, which are created by infrared light sources pointed at the eye. Tracking these features is relatively easy because the latter are typically the brightest parts and the former is the darkest part of the eye. However, illumination changes also induce changes in pupil size, which may lead to systematic errors in gaze estimation. This is particularly problematic when recording gaze for naturalistic stimuli such as Hollywood movies, where stimulus luminance may change dramatically over time.

In this project, we want to implement and evaluate methods to correct for these errors.
Voraussetzung Because of the strong real-time requirements of binocular eye tracking at 2000 Hz, some experience with C/C++ is required.
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