Novel User Interfaces for (Semi-)Automated Vehicles
Typ Master, evtl. Bachelor
Betreuer Patrick Lindemann, M.Sc.
Tel.: +49 (0)89 289-28538
Sachgebiet Automotive, Virtual Reality
Beschreibung A large part of current developments in the automotive domain focuses on the growing (partial) automation of driving. The long way to fully automated driving will be bridged for quite some time with an increasing number of automatic assistants for specific traffic situations. There will be entirely new possibilities for the driver to do tasks in his cockpit environment which might look very different functionally and optically. There are also possibilities for collaborative scenarios between the driver and other passengers or traffic participants. As long as there is no widespread full automization however, it is still necessary to keep the driver vigilant or at least to reactivate him in time before a handover. How to prevent the driving skills of a driver from deteriorating over time when they are getting used to just being passengers? How can the acceptance for autonomous technology and the feeling of safety and trust be improved for people skeptical towards automation?

Such questions can be answered fast and easy with the help of suitable simulation environments. In this area, the main task of a topic will be to create or extend novel UIs for automated driving (possibly as a simulated AR interface) and to test and evaluate it in the virtual reality CAVE with participants in a user study. There will generally be different topics available depending on the current occupation and progress of previous projects. To see if topics are currently available and which contents may be worked on, please contact the supervisor as stated below.

We recommend to try out and get used to the Unity engine before starting a topic (there are good, quick tutorials available on the web). We also recommend very good programming skills with an object-oriented language, ideally C#. For evaluating a possibly user study, basic knowledge of statistical testing is recommended. Because of the scope of these topics, they are mainly recommended for a Master's Thesis.
Voraussetzung - Very good programming skills, ideally in C# (or other OOP-languages: C++, Java, etc.)
- Helpful but not required beforehand: experience with the Unity 3D engine
- Helpful but not required beforehand: knowledge of statistical testing
Bewerbung If you are interested in a topic in this area, we welcome the applications via the email address above. Please set the email subject to "<Type of application> application for topic 'XYZ'", ex. "Master’s thesis application for topic 'XYZ'", while clearly specifying why are you interested in the topic in the text of the message. Also make sure to attach your most recent CV (if you have one) and grade report.