Distracting much? Curvature analysis of eye movements in dynamic natural scenes
Typ Diplom, Master, Bachelor, Studienarbeit, IDP
Betreuer Dr.-Ing. Michael Dorr
Tel.: +49 (0)89 289-28563
Sachgebiet Human and Computer Vision
Beschreibung Humans make several fast eye movements (saccades) per second to serially sample informative regions in visual scenes. Because of the necessary interaction of several ocular muscles, saccade trajectories are typically not straight but slightly curved. Interestingly, experiments with simple stimulus configurations such as dots and squares on otherwise blank displays have shown that the direction and degree of curvature can be influenced by visually salient "distractors". However, little is known about saccadic curvature in dynamic natural scenes, where salient distractors abound. In this project, we want to analyse eye movement data from an existing large data set and relate saccadic curvature to the spatial distribution of salient image features in videos. Depending on the type/duration of thesis, this analysis could range from first-order statistics of the gaze data to complex image and video processing, and designing and running experiments with an eye tracker.
Voraussetzung Matlab or R experience, ideally C++; knowledge of image processing highly useful. Interest in neuroscientific questions.
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