Verschuure, J., van Meeteren, A.A. (1975). The effect of intensity on pitch. Acustica 32, 33-44

We studied the changes in pitch, induced by the sound pressure level (SPL). For some problems concerning these changes no answer was found in the literature and for some others conflicting answers were found. In one experiment we varied the SPL of the test stimulus as well as of the comparison stimulus. Both stimuli were single frequency stimuli. The data will be analysed as to reveal the significance of the pitch for each observer and for the average, the influence of the comparison level and the shape of the curves. The effect of some stimulation conditions is discussed. An adapted rule for the description of the pitch changes is proposed as the rule by Stevens was found inaccurate. The results by other investigators are discussed and some divergent results are reconciled. The standard deviations in the adjustments are discussed with respect to the literature on the just noticeable differences (jnd) for pitch. The effect of the experimental method on the values of the jnd are shown.