Lechner, T.P. (1993). A hydromechanical model of the cochlea with nonlinear feedback using PVF2 bending transducers. Hearing Res. 66, 202-212

A single-channel hydromechanical model of the human cochlea with nonlinear feedback on the membrane is introduced. The piezoelectric transducers for displacement measurement and force exertion on the membrane are constructed of PVF2 in the bimorph bending type. The passive response shows high-frequency slopes of about 60 dB/oct and a shortest wavelength of about 17 mm corresponding to 0.9 Bark in the human cochlea. High-frequency slopes and Q10dB with one feedback loop are within the range of animal data, whereas dynamic compression does not exceed 20 dB. Input impedance and phase response are in good agreement with nature, which is ascribed to longitudinal stiffness of the membrane.