Deutsch, D. (1972). Octave generalization and tune recognition. Percept. Psychophys. 11, 411-412

An experiment was performed to investigate whether or not we are able to use octave generalization in recognizing tunes. The first half of the tune "Yankee Doodle" was chosen as the test sequence. This was universally recognized when played in any one of three octaves. However, when the se- quence was played in identical fashion except that each note was chosen randomly from one of the same three octaves, the percentage correct recog- nition was not significantly different from that obtained when the sequence was played as a series of clicks with the pitch information omitted but the rhythmic information retained. It is concluded that tune recognition takes place along a channel whichh is independent from that which gives rise to octave generalization. The relevance of this finding to the theory of music recognition proposed by Deutsch (1969) is discussed.