Terhardt, E. (1975). Influence of intensity on the pitch of complex tones. Acustica 33, 344-348

Complex tones with 200 Hz fundamental frequency, various spectral configurations (normal configuration, comprising all harmonics up to 8 kHz; low-pass configuration with 1 kHz cut-off frequency; 1 kHz-residue; 2.8 kHz-residue), and SPL's of 50 to 80 dB, were matched in pitch to a comparison tone of 50 dB SPL by three to six subjects. As comparison tone, pure tones and complex tones were used. The observed pitch-intensity effect in general is smaller than the corresponding pure-tone phenomenon. Complex tones with predominating low (below 1 kHz) harmonics show a small negative pitch-intensity effect. Those with predominating high harmonics show a positive effect. For complex tones with both low and high harmonics of about equal amplitudes, the pitch-intensity effect is negligible. The results agree with earlier findings and support the concept of relating the pitch of a complex tone to the pitches of its separate harmonics.

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