Zwicker, E., Terhardt, E. [eds.] (1974). Facts and Models in Hearing. Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg. 360 p. ISBN 3-540-06826-0

Proceedings of the Symposium on Psychophysical Models and Physiological Facts in Hearing, held at Tutzing, Bavaria, April 22-26, 1974.

H. Engström, C. Angelborg: Morphology of the walls of the coclear duct.
H. Spoendlin: Neuroanatomy of the cochlea.
A. Flock: Neurobiology of hair cells and their synapses.
V. Nedzelnitsky: Measurements of sound pressure in the cochleae of anesthetized cats.
J. P. Wilson: Basilar membrane data and their relation to theories of frequency analysis.
J. Tonndorf: The significance of shearing displacements for the mechanical stimulation of
    cochlear hair cells.
R. Helle: Enlarged hydromechanical coclea model with basilar membrane and tectorial membrane.
M. R. Schroeder, J.L. Hall: A model for mechanical to neural transduction in the auditory
E. Zwicker: A "second filter" established within the scala media.
H. Duifhuis: An alternative approach to the second filter.
J. J. Zwislocki, W. G. Sokolich: Neuro-mechanical frequency analysis in the cochlea.
E. F. Evans: Auditory frequency selectivity and the cochlear nerve.
E. Zwicker: On a pschoacoustical equivalent of tuning curves.
L. L. M. Vogten: Pure-tone masking, a new result from a new method.
R. J. Ritsma, A. Hoekstra: Frequency selectivity and the tonal residue.
B. L. Cardozo: Frequency discrimination at the threshold.
G. van den Brink: Monotic and dichotic pitch matchings with complex sounds.
L. U. E. Kohllöffel: Recordings from spiral ganglion neurons.
G. Boerger: Coding of repetition noise in the cochlear nucleus in cat.
W. D. Keidel: Information processing in the higher parts of the auditory pathway.
A. R. Moller: Dynamic properties of cochlear nucleus units in response to excitory and
    inhibitory tones.
A. Vogel: Roughness and its relation to the time-pattern of psychoacoustical excitation.
H. Fastl: Transient masking pattern of narrow band maskers.
T. Houtgast: Masking patterns and lateral inhibition.
T. Houtgast: The slopes of masking patterns.
H. Duifhuis: A crude quantitative theory of backward masking.
L. Robles, W.S. Rhode: Nonlinear effects in the transient response of the basilar membrane.
J. P. Legouix, M.C. Remond: Nonlinear mechanisms and cochlear selectivity.
P. Dallos, M. A. Cheatham: Cochlear microphonic correlates of cubic difference tones.
R. R. Pfeiffer, C. E. Molnar, J. R. Cox: The representation of tones and combination tones
    in spike discharge patterns of single cochlear nerve fibers.
G. F. Smoorenburg: On the mechanisms of combination tone generation and lateral
    inhibition in hearing.
T. J. F. Buunen, F. A. Bilsen: Subjective phase effects and combination tones.
E. Terhardt: Pitch of pure tones - Its rleation to intensity.

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