Development of an AR-Interface to Support Handover in Semi-Automated Cars
Typ Master, evtl. Bachelor
Betreuer Patrick Lindemann, M.Sc.
Tel.: +49 (0)89 289-28538
Sachgebiet Automotive, Virtual Reality
Beschreibung A large part of current research & development in the automotive domain is focused on the growing (semi-)automation of driving. The long way to fully driverless cars will probably be bridged with an increasing number of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for specific traffic situations. This, however, introduces new problems: how can a driver be kept attentive/in-the-loop or re-actived quickly if he is needed to intervene and retake control (handover)? How can the handover esp. in critical situations (e.g. cornering) be facilitated?

Such questions can be addressed particularly fast and easily via appropriate driving simulation environments. In this topic, the student is expected to determine scenarios in which a handover request must be executed on short notice or with some additional level of danger. Then, one or multiple of these scenarios are simulated in the MMK driving simulation. A prototype/simulation of an AR-Interface to support these handovers should be implemented. The student is expected to plan, conduct and evaluate a user study to clarify the potential effects of the interface on the driver's performance in the handover. The measured and collected data will be evaluated with appropriate statistical tests. For the practical part, the student will be working with the Unity 3D engine. Changes or addition to the simulator code are done in the C# programming language.

This topic is the continuation of an earlier Bachelor Thesis and the results and implementations of previous work may be used as a foundation or starting point for this thesis.

We recommend to try out and get used to the Unity engine before starting a topic (there are good, quick tutorials available on the web). We also recommend good programming skills with an object-oriented language, ideally C#. For evaluating study results, we recommend basic knowledge about statistical testing. However, this is not a strict requirement as the supervisor will give support on matters regarding the planning, conducting and evaluating of the study.
Voraussetzung - Good programming skills, ideally in C# (or other OOP-languages: C++, Java, etc.)
- Helpful but not required beforehand: experience with the Unity 3D engine
- Helpful but not required beforehand: knowledge of statistical testing
- The thesis can be written in English or German
Bewerbung If you are interested in a topic in this area, we welcome the applications via the email address above. Please set the email subject to "<Type of application> application for topic 'XYZ'", ex. "Master’s thesis application for topic 'XYZ'", while clearly specifying why are you interested in the topic in the text of the message. Also make sure to attach your most recent CV (if you have one) and ECTS grade report.